Thursday, August 11, 2011

MCJV expats attacked

THREE expatriate employees of ExxonMobil contracted engineering procurement construction contractor MCJV for the Komo International Airport were attacked by angry landowners yesterday, The National reports.
Peace and land mediation chairman for Komo, Wandipe Pini, said from Komo the expatriates had been attacked at separate locations in the airfield construction site.
Pini said one of the men was severely injured after being struck on the head with an axe, while the other two suffered minor injuries to their arms when they tried to defend themselves.
Pini said the attacks were blamed on a number of reasons relating to employment issues and the non-payment of sub-contracts and welfare-related issues with MCJV.
 "MCJV has brought in outsiders to do work that locals are capable of doing," he said.
"Other reasons are that MCJV has brought in its own machinery and vehicles into the project, giving no chance for locals to participate.
"This is not part of the UBSA and LBBSA agreement and the landowners, realising that they are big-time losers, attacked the three men," he said.
Pini called on the Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations Martin Aini to look into the matter as locals were losing out on employment opportunities in the project.
ExxonMobil, the PNG LNG project operator, confirmed the attacks yesterday.

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