Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Opposition plans to boycott sitting


THE Opposition plans to boycott parliament today when it resumes its August session, The National reports.
Speaking during a press conference at the Ela Beach Hotel yesterday ousted acting prime minister Sam Abal said the opposition would not attend parliament when it resumed at 2pm in protest over the "unconstitutional" election of Peter O'Neill as Prime Minister last Tuesday.
He was accompanied by former ministers Paul Tiensten, Ben Sembri, Andrew Kumbakor, Francis Potape and Mendi MP Pr Isaac Joseph.
Abal said the matter was before the court to rule on the constitutionality of the election.
"We know there is parliament tomorrow (today) but because there is a question that the constitution has been flawed as well as the standing orders were abused, we will boycott parliament until the court clears it," he said.
He said because the Constitution was abused, they had to ask the court for a ruling.
Abal said there was still a legitimate Prime Minister and while the processes had not been followed, Parliament went ahead to elect a new prime minister using their numerical strength.
"There are two prime ministers and we want the court to pronounce it," he said.
However, he said that whatever the court ruled, his 31 members would abide by it and go back to Parliament to attend meetings. Until then, they would continue to stay out as a protest over the manner in which the election of a prime minister was conducted.
He said it abused the constitutional and other laws such as of the NEC and Prime Minister's Act.
Meanwhile Abal said several members from the new government had "ambushed" Government House last Tuesday to force Governor-Ge­neral Sir Michael Ogio to sign the instruments.
He said Sir Michael had been "rushed and pushed" to sign the documents by individuals from the government assisted by members of the police and military.
He said he would write to the police commissioner to lodge his complaint so that the matter was investigated

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