Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sale of the Falcon jet a smart and timely move, says ACT NOW!

Community advocacy group, ACT NOW! says the announcement by new Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, that his government will sell the controversial Falcon jet is a smart move.

"The Falcon jet was an expensive mistake that epitomised the greed and corruption of the previous government, it is a smart move by the new PM to get rid of what was effectively a private PMV for the Somares and their supporters", says Effrey Dademo, programme manager for ACT NOW!

ACT NOW! has also congratulated the new government on its announcement of an Independent Commission Against Corruption, but says there still remains much to be done to reverse the blatant stealing of public money and other abuses.

"An ICAC is a great move, but it must be adequately resourced and free from political interference," says Ms Dademo.

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