Friday, May 22, 2009

Enough of this bullshit from Australia!

I think all Papua New Guineans are basically fed up with all this bullshit about millions of Australian dollars being poured into Papua New Guinea when it's all "boomerang aid" - a'la the flying stick of the Aborigines - when it all goes back down south.

This big news of the day is the revelation by AAP that Australian taxpayers are shelling out millions of dollars for top level consultants in Papua New Guinea who earn up to $360,000 a year tax-free.

The figure is more than Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's base salary of almost $335,000.

What tangible benfits have we seen since independence in 1975?

Bunch of bludgers, I dare say, and we don't need you!


  1. Malum, if these are really your sentiments, then I have lost a lot of respect for you this morning.

    Papua New Guinean's are fast to blame everyone but themselves for THEIR problems. Wake up mate. It's not Australians who are robbing this country blind and letting the people suffer and die from sheer greed and abject neglect, it is your own elected members of government, starting right at the top with a Prime Minister who is so morally and ethically corrupt, that he would rather see his own people working as slaves in the Ramu Nickel Mine than risk losing a nice under the table payment for services rendered to the State of China.

    Australians did not ruin this country. Papua New Guinean's did that themselves through generations of wantokism, neptosim, outright theft, lies, corruption and internal racial hatred. And while it might insult your ego to take aboard those cold hard facts, deep down Malum, you know it is true.

    Stop looking for excuses and start tackling the real reasons for why this country is going backwards faster than it is going forwards. And I really do suggest you look within your country first, before you blame outsiders.

  2. No mate, I'm not referring to Australians in general, as I have a lot of respect for Australians and have friends and family from there, including hard working guys like you who put your life at risk. I'm just making a general reference to those highly-paid consultants. And I do agree with you that Papua New Guineans ourselves have largely ruined this country!