Friday, May 15, 2009

Betha Somare explains her father and brother's purchase of property in Australia

This article was first posted on November 14, 2008, however, because of the interest in it, I have decided to repost...Malum

Hi people.

It maybe a sad fact but it is a fact anyway that apart from the fortunate Papua New Guineans that have access to the internet there are scores of Papua New Guineans out there that trust my family.

This is because in all the years of my father’s politics he has not dipped into public coffers to fund family investments.

There are many facts out there that confirm my assertion and if he had, I believe he would not have lasted these 40 years.

In the same way that all my siblings were educated in Australia we have all come back to Papua New Guinea to live and make our contribution.

I cannot speak for my nieces and nephews but I hope that they will also do the same.

If you are interested in checking where my father got his money to get a place close to his grandchildren, please call the National Parliament, Retirement Benefit Funds office and I am sure Graham Whitchurch can help you.

My brother has also explained that he sold his house to get a loan in the interest of his children.

That is his personal choice.

We will always be a public family whether we want to be or not.

I urge you to begin from the premise that not everybody is a thief that is in government.

Betha Somare


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    thanks for clearing the air on that issue...what info might we recieve if enquire about the pension anything substantial

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    what the fuck?

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    thats all good but he has to bring wewak up to speed before worrying about himself , blackouts etc what a flippin joke!!!

    back to you bertha

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Well, what can we say? The PM has a faithful daughter...for only one such as Bertha would stand up for her Father, a natinal and international public figure pleading innocenc and knowing full well the reverse consequences such public statements can bring...lets hope there is not a single trace or record of misconduct of public funds...

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM

    The property was purchased for $1M Aussie dollars, that makes it 2million kina, with stamp duty being around $31,000 aussie dollars.

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM

    40 years ago it was so peaceful without any corruption, 40 years and this old ass has not step down to give the new young leaders a chance to lead, why is he holding on?? Bertha do not f***'n not tell lies, not a single person on this earth is perfect, he must have put his finger somewhere, some his ministers are corrupt and why can't he. You better explain to the whole PNG, that all of us not you. You are an Australian there you will be heading. Leave our money alone.

  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    the biggest problem now is Auther.
    he has borrowed 2 billion from UAI to be a particpant or(partner) with exon-mobile.
    quetions,how does this loan be payed backed to UAI.
    who gave Auther the authorisation.
    where are the terms and conditions of this transaction.
    why is it so important for Auther to be a finance minister as well has the states business minister.

  8. Anonymous9:50 AM

    A little Birdie told me that they saw Berth driving a Ferrari in Malaysia very recently??????