Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still waiting, and waiting and waiting for an apology and compensation from Timothy Bonga

Now that Timothy Bonga has been recycled as MP for Nawaeb, and made chairman of the Powerful Public Accounts Committee, perhaps he can apologise to me and compensate me for the beating that I received at his hands in 2007 before the elections.

The Taiwanese government and media have also implicated Timothy Bonga and Dr Florian Gubon in the US $30 million deal from money that was supposed to come to Papua New Guinea.

Apart from that scam, the good people of Nawaeb and the rest of Papua New Guinea should know that for no apparent reason, outgoing Eda Ranu executive chairman Mr Bonga harassed, insulted, and then assaulted me at the Lamana Gold Club on Friday evening, May 4, 2007.

The incident happened as I was about to leave Lamana after a few 'Happy Hour' drinks with workmates.

Mr Bonga confronted me as I was leaving – out of the blues - and accused me of working together with Lae MP and New Generation Party leader Bart Philemon to bring him down.

He made reference to the recent newspaper reports about his payout from Eda Ranu.

I denied this, saying that I was no longer working as a fulltime journalist (at that time, I was working with the government), and walked out to catch a taxi, but Mr Bonga followed me outside where he punched me, pushed me to the ground, and then proceeded to kick me in full view of security guards.

I suffered a black eye, a sore face and a painful back.

This was a criminal matter, which I wanted to pursue further with police, but decided not to, lest his election chances be jeopardised.

I met him in late 2007, at a Port Moresby supermarket, and he made a verbal committment to sort me out, however, this has not been the case.

In true Papua New Guinea style, it is only fitting that Mr Bonga compensate me, my family, and my friends, given that he has already received his big pay cheque from Eda Ranu , is now Nawaeb MP and chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, and has publicly confirmed benefiting from Taiwanese money.

Malum Nalu

Port Moresby


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Elections in PNG are sure something else! When people lose the respect for the right of others to their own opinion - something within the democratic process is surely lost.

    I have never met Mr. Bonga and don't even know what Mr Bonga looks like. And now - after reading your story about how you were attacked by him - I'm not sure I ever want to meet this man.

    Although I have witnessed and read about much violence in PNG - most of it has a valid reason. And as a rule all violence is followed by an apology.

    I do hope that Mr. Bonga does offer you an apology together with some form of compensation for the injury and humiliation you suffered from his attack .

    Although the nature of this story is disturbing - it's these sorts of stories that make you my favourite journalist.


  2. Thanks Robert.

    He met me outside RH Supermarket in Gordons, Port Moresby, some time ago and called me over and said he would make up to me.

    I have been waiting and since then he has gone on to become the powerful chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and has also been implicated in the Taiwan Scandal.

    My late wife Hula, God Bless Her Soul, waited quitely for an apology from Mr Bonga until she passed away on Easter Sunday this year.


  3. Malum.

    Is T. Bonga fit to resign? Leaders world over save their face and resign when implicated for corruption. Bonga and Gubon should resign to maintain the good name of their respective offices after being implicated for negotiating PNG's sovereignity with cheap Taiwanese Dollars. Even the PM should resign as well.

    It is sad this moran punched you at Lamana. I strongly recommend you take the matter up to the court.

    Mathew Yakai

  4. I would have taken this matter up to court last year but I decided not to at the 11th hours because this would have jeorpadised his election chances and we are 'wantoks'. He has promised to apologise and compensate me but I am still waiting to date.Timothy Bonga, where are you?

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    It is now the year 2010. This blogg is from 2009. Has Mr. Bonga during this time called you to apologise and compensate you?

    If not I think you should approach his office and ask him instead of wasting you time on this blogg. I am sure he will compensate you but may be the circumstance by his duties limit his time to do so.

    Approach his office now if he has not compensated you at all yet.