Friday, May 15, 2009

What goes round comes round

By a former Papua New Guinea resident
The rioting and looting by youths in Lae is graphic evidence of just what pressure is building up inside the "social sospen"- that big saucepan inside which dwells the  majority of PNG's population; dwells with the lid firmly wedged on and the heat of impoverishment slowly increasing. 
Years of the disgraceful "eyes-shut, pockets open" policy maintained by the authorities are now likely to be challenged by a growing unity in this
previously split, multi-tribal society. A  unity never engendered by  the fulsome words and flamboyant promises of "their lordships," those who govern and administer in situations of personal security and comfort unseen and unimaginable to the boys who rioted in Lae.
Many have wondered over the years at the lack of any appearance of a youth-based radical political culture within this potentially-rich but desperately-underprivileged population. Usually tolerant and inclined to talk before acting, PNG's people may have reached the point where an increasingly hard and frustrating life-situation pushes them to a tipping-point.
Those big houses and 'permanent resident' status in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere may soon prove to be very wise investments for their owners."


  1. Very insightful!

    If only the "chiefs" were able to manage the affairs and future of their "tribe" with the same compassion, integrity and wisdom as their traditional leaders...

    Where would PNG be?


  2. Lae is currently overwhelmed by unemployed settlement dwellers, many of whom have never been properly educated, and what happened there just shows their frustration at many, many years of neglect by the government. This is what I believe.