Friday, May 22, 2009

Comment on Papua New Guinea consultants paid A$360,000 tax-free


It would be a shame if all of us Aussie's were tarred with the same brush as these highly-paid public servants.

In my 14 years here, the most I have earned is a paltry A$20,000.00 + room & board, and I like to think that I have given my best to PNG in that time, despite the complete lack of support from government, and even my own country's AID agencies.

I know of many others who are in the same boat. People who believe in trying to genuinely help PNG, whether it be in remote schools, health centres or missions. It would be a shame if this sort of anti-Australian publicity drew towards us, the same intolerance and racial hatred currently being shown towards the Asian community, simply because it caused people to think we were all only here to line our pockets.

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