Monday, March 22, 2010

University to host Donigi, Maladina public debate


This is real, practical politics in action and should demonstrate a healthy way forward for PNG. Peter Donigi is to be congratulated for speaking out and standing up for his country in a time of desperate need.
The only problem I foresee is that a debate in Moresby is disconnected from most of the PNG people.
What should now happen is a concerted effort to advertise, televise and broadcast this debate on all  publically-accessed TV and radio stations and in the local PNG newspapers. Rural residents and those in other PNG towns and cities desparately need to become interested and involved. They need to start asking what their local member thinks and how they will vote on this issue?
Who would initiate and promote interest in this debate however? The PNG Opposition or perhaps some public spirited NGO's and business leaders? Perhaps the press may find that this important issue is a great way to sell newspapers?
Now is the time for action by all true PNG patriots to stand up with Mr Donigi and be counted.

University to host Donigi, Maladina public debate

A PUBLIC debate on the proposed constitutional amendments now before Parliament will be held at the University of Papua New Guinea main lecture theatre (MLT).
Member for Esa'ala Moses Maladina, who had successfully moved for the amendments to go past the first reading in Parliament, had accepted the challenge by lawyer Peter Donigi to a public debate on the matter.
While allowing the public debate to take place at the MLT following a written request from Mr Donigi, UPNG Vice-Chancellor Prof Ross Hynes said he would not be involved in moderating the public debate.
"The moderator must be someone who is independent and who has relevant status to such a debate," Prof Hynes said.
That person is yet to be identified including the date and time for the debate.
Prof Hynes, however, only indicated that the public debate would take place on the week after March 19.
In his letter to Prof Hynes, Mr Donigi said: "I understand that Mr Maladina will likely call for a second reading of his constitutional amendments at the next sitting of Parliament which is scheduled to start on May 4.
"It would appear, therefore, that we only have a short window of opportunity to debate this issue before it is presented for its last and final reading before passage by Parliament," Mr Donigi said.

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  1. Reginald Renagi4:16 PM

    This should be an interesting debate as Moses Thgis is good news that Maladina has accepted lawyer Peter Donigi's challenge.

    The debate is scheduled at the University of PNG's main forum area, where everyone is invited to attend before the bill goes into its second reading in Parliament this year.

    The media should ensure this event is well covered for the public to be fully informed of this issue before the second reading in parliament.