Friday, March 12, 2010

Papua New Guinea going to the dogs


Papua New Guinea is now on the verge of going to the dogs as Parliament just made the Ombudsman Commission a mere 'paper tiger'.

Here is what today's reality is in PNG now.

The Parliament unfortunately has become dysfunctional, Opposition is powerless, the government is power hungry and is totally incompetent to govern PNG properly.

The civil service is ineffective in its implementation of government policy.

The law cannot really protect the people's human rights.

 It is only for the rich men to buy protection at the people's expense.

Crime is worsening with the law and order situation not improving with no effective crime fighting strategies in place.

The constitution seems to be another useless piece of paper as it is not readily available to all and is not clearly understood by the people.

The law-enforcement and security agencies are all under-resourced, under-funded, under-manned and demoralised to be able to effectively carry out its constitutional roles, and operational responsibilities to the best of its capacity.

There does not seem to be any one key authority in place who can stand up to what the government is doing wrong.

 It is time for people power strategies to be put in place by civil society, and other concerned stakeholders of the public and community.

The PNG government has gone worse.

It just makes stupid laws to keep itself in power.

 What is going to happen now is more political abuses will follow in the next two and half years to the next elections in 2012.

 More resources of the people will be squandered by the few political elites and other corrupt cronies of the ruling coalition.

If nothing is done quickly now to educate this government, PNG risks a country-wide revolt.

The people have suffered for many years while their half-wit politicians play silly games in Waigani and are running the country on a crisis-basis daily.

Can Australia help here?

Not really.

It still has its head in the sand and has yet to see a potential national security threat on its door-step.

There are many ways to do something to stop what is happening in PNG but for now I will not state them here for obvious reasons.

This may be history but still needs restating here in light of what is happening today in PNG.

 The then Australian government made a stupid decision to wash its hands off PNG (when it was not even a united country) in 1975 to give that country away to its self-appointed simpleton leaders.

Governments have pillaged the country's resources in broad daylight with transnational corporations and special interests in broad daylight.

The current regime is no exception and something must be done now to stop it.

Australia can not help because its aid programme has failed to make PNG a better managed independent country.

I call on the Australian government and people to not waste any more of if its taxpayers’ money on PNG.

One effective way now is to immediately cut down Australian aid to PNG.

 There must now be an increase trade between PNG and Australia with a fair balance of trade in favour of PNG products.

Failing this, China will fill in the gaps for what PNG perceives as not getting a fair deal from its mate down-under.

More Australian taxpayers’ money is not the solution here.

What is needed now is a complete regime change in 2012 to throw the bastards out of the spirit house: Haus Tambaran.

This evil house has become useless to safeguard the national interests of PNG for all time without comprise, come what may.

The people must outvote the current mob and put in some real quality leaders in 2012.

 A real sad ending for Somare who cannot now effectively run PNG and safeguard its national interests.

Can anyone hear our grand chief's swansong playing in the background?

What a wasted 42 years of playing political games, and I'm just crying for my beloved country as I lament with my countrymen and women as to what the future now holds for our children and grand children in the next generation.

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