Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another vital milestone for Datec (PNG) Ltd

Caption: Datec CEO Bhanu Sud (left) seals the deal with ISC CEO and Global Chairman Tony Wilde


Datec (PNG) Ltd has announced a new initiative to bring management system training courses to Papua New Guinea through an arrangement with International Standards Certifications Pty Ltd (ISC).

ISC is a full scope JAS-ANZ accredited certification body providing independent third-party auditing and certification to companies, organisations, government departments and enterprises who are seeking recognition of compliance to various national and international Standards.

ISC also has a range of accredited training courses in various subjects including quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety.

With the commencement of the liquefied natural gas projects about to begin, the acquisition of relevant skills by local people will be a crucial factor in PNG’s goal of self sufficiency and will ensure it has the ability to provide the services required by suppliers who wish to work in this huge development project.

Independent third-party auditing and certifications are much sought after all over the world and achievement of certification to the various standards enhances the reputation and global acceptance of any organisation, making it more-competitive and capable of marketing its products and services in a globally-accepted manner.

Bhanu Sud, CEO of Datec (PNG) Ltd said: “With this agreement between ISC and Datec, training can now be provided to government and private organisations in PNG to master the art and science of quality management systems and also to become world-recognised lead auditors, a skill set that has an extremely high demand worldwide and opens exciting new global career opportunities.”

On the occasion of signing the agreement, Tony Wilde, CEO and Global Chairman of ISC, said: “I am extremely happy that we have been able to identify an organisation like Datec, wishing to add a meaningful contribution to the future of PNG by helping to make these training courses available.

“ISC offers flexible, modular-style training which enables you to choose the pace in which you wish to progress to the auditor's qualification.

“The flexibility of the modular style training enables the delegates to digest and consolidate training information before moving on to the next module or stage of training.

 “This new and exciting training concept is a competency-based learning experience and has the ability to evaluate and recognise prior learning and competencies obtained through other training establishments.

“This would obviously mean that the training provided would meet the highest levels of competence and the trainers selected from our global pool would provide relevant and the most effective training.”

These programmes are being launched through the Datec Learning Centers, the training and education arm of Datec, which provides the finest training in PNG and the programmes will be conducted at various locations including the Datec Learning Centers’ facilities at Lae and Port Moresby.

More details of the programme can be found on the Datec website, .


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