Friday, March 12, 2010

Papua New Guinea Parliament votes itself into irrelevancy


The Papua New Guinea Parliament in its one-sided vote on the Moti Report has now voted themselves into irrelevance, virtually becoming Somare's proverbial rubber stamp.

 In an action reminiscent of the outstation clerk (Kuskus) stamping outgoing letters, one can easily imagine the so called 'Father of the Nation', mentally ticking off the dismissed issues.
Commission of Inquiry, (Kilim wanpela), Moti Report, ('Kilim tupela'), Taiwan millions, ('Kilim tripela') , Kapis escape assisted ('Kilim popela'), Parliamentary democracy, ('Kilim paipela'), etc.
Somare's father, presumably a bastion of the law, must have said to a young Somare, "Michael, whatever you start, make sure you finish it!".
Pastaim igat wanpla tisa,
Itok, "Nau mi lukim ples klia,
Bai mi baim ol lain,
Na stap longpla taim."
Tasol husat igiaman yumi a?

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