Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why is Somare fearing the Moti Report?


Why is Somare is reacting so badly to the tabling of the Moti Report in the PNG Parliament?
Here is an extract from page 84 of the Moti Report prepared by: Chairman and Commissioner Honourable Chief Justice Gibbs Salika, CSM, OBE, Supreme Court Judge, of Papua New Guinea, General (rtd) Anthony Huai, CBE, Deputy Chairman and Commissioner, and Mr Daniel Liosi, Commissioner 13 December 2006 to 16th March 2007.
"We recommend the following persons be investigated and charged for conspiracy: Prime Minister Somare, Chief Secretary Joshua Kalinoe, Chief of Staff Leonard Louma, Director General of OSCA, Joseph Assaigo, Defence Force Chief of Staff and acting Commander, Colonel Tom Ur, Barney Rongap, Colonel Viagi Oala, Joint Operations Commander Chester Berobero, Lt Col. Ron Hosea, Mr Job Kasa, Executive Officer to Mr Kalinoe."
It all comes down to who do the people of PNG trust? Their Chief Justice at the time or the current PM?
Who is prepared to make a stand for justice in today's PNG? It's finally time to sort out who will defend PNG against those who seek to destroy the very fabric of the PNG nation.


  1. To think that there was a time that the chiefs could be trusted. The sad part of it is.... they're getting away with it. The PNG Social fabric is struly in a state of collapse. No turning back the clock!

  2. Reginald Renagi10:31 AM

    Robert is right. Our people are just totally fed up with the current bunch that there is now an urge to 'throw the bas....ds out of the Haus Tambaran in 2012.

    There must a total regime change. PNG can not go on like this forever. Failing to stop the mismanagement on a grand scale will result in a revolution with certain sections of our still volatile society taking up arms against the state. The people are not fools anymore as as they can see their rich natural resources being used and abused by the government, transnational corporations and special interests.

    Is there a true leader out there who can now save PNG?

  3. I believe there are more than enough current crop of MPs who can step in and save PNG. Its just identifying who they are and when is the time, for positive progress to occur. We know Leaders who stay too long in a position develop socio-pathic behaviors, they are unwilling to accept that they can make mistakes and are unwilling to say sorry for a mistake they make.
    The Almighty has set times, seasons and eras so we as individuals take the first step to allow change, positive change to take place. When we don't, when we stay too long and start lording over his people, instead of serving them, the downfall can be disastrous for all of us. My pray is that the current regime listen to the peoples voices for a leadership change, and, perhaps its time certain individuals seek their heart and allow change and progress...its not our government that is the problem..its a few individuals in government who are...the sooner they make way.. the better for PNG.