Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drunk MP bashed up

Witness: Public set on drunk driver without realising he is an MP


A MEMBER of parliament was punched to the ground and kicked unconscious after he attempted to flee an accident scene in Port Moresby last Friday evening, The National reports.

Eyewitnesses said the MP was drunk and was involved in a vehicle accident, and in a bid to flee, he was severely bashed up by members of the public.

The eyewitnesses said the MP, representing an electorate in Northern, was driving at top speed when he came out from a pokies parlour at the Gordon’s industrial area, where alcohol was served to patrons.

The MP was following a Toyota fifth element vehicle and as it slowed down at the Waigani tunnel to give way to oncoming traffic, the speeding MP slammed his vehicle into the back of the Toyota.

Realising he had caused an accident, the MP tried to escape by reversing his vehicle, but his path was blocked by other vehicles behind him.

He opened the door to escape on foot but was set upon by members of the public who had witnessed what had happened.

They punched him to the ground and kicked him until he was unconscious.

An eyewitness said the bystanders who attacked the MP did not realised that they were beating up a member of parliament.

“They thought he was just another drunk driver involved in an accident and was trying to run away,” the eyewitness said.

He said the incident happened around 7.30pm last Friday.

Several attempts to get comments from the MP were unsuccessful with no one answering his parliament office phone.

His mobile phone was also switched off.

Police said no official complaint against the MP had been filed, but they would look into it.

MPs convicted of drunk and disorderly behaviour can be punished for breaching the Leadership Code.

Drink driving has been blamed for a fatal accident the following day in Sogeri, which claimed the lives of two people, and left seven others injured.




  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Good story but not to name the MP is still pikinini reporting. When are we going to grow up?

  2. f you're interested in who it is, it's Ijivitari MP, David Arore, from the Northern (Oro) province.

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Typical of any irresponsible thief....escaping from the crime scene!

  4. That's really funny that the anonymous contributor wanted the MP to be named.

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    it's a shame that so-called leaders behave in such an uncivilsed and irresponsible way. when will we ever have proper leaders?

  6. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Justice PNG style ?