Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New IT services up

INTERNET subscribers and information technology users can now avail of what Telikom calls “a door’s step services anywhere, anytime”, The National reports.
In fact, the telco has just introduced two new IT technology – the 4th generation wimax and viedo conferencing.
They could now be viewed or tried at the company’s “Telikom New Look” store in down town Port Moresby.
Telikom chief commercial officer Ajay Mathur on Monday night spoke of video conferencing, saying: “In today’s competitive environment, companies are highly concerned with improving collaboration, reducing travel-related time and expenses and cutting down on carbon dioxide emission.”
As a result, he said, the demand for high-quality video conference solution was  rapidly increasing.
Mathur was speaking to reporters and customers who attended the launch.
He said video conferencing (VC) was vital for business where a meeting could be conducted using VC facilities.
He said the latest facility available could host point-to-point conferencing, point-to-three-party conferencing and point-to-multi-point conferencing.
Telikom is also offering the Teli-NET, an internet service that could be accessed where there is a hot spot or place where a high-speed modem for internet access is available.
At the new-look shop, Telikom has opened a new internet café, which is volume-based modem and therefore, much cheaper than other internet cafés in the city.
Francis Waibe, the person in charge of the new technologies and services, explained it was very cheap and convenient because it would cost only 40 toea per megabite.
“It is the first in the country,” Waibe said.

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