Friday, October 08, 2010

Wosera Gawi rural electrification programme is of no use



THE Member for Wosera Gawi, Ronald Asik, has done nothing of worth since 2007 to keep the people of Wosera Gawi happy.

His credit scheme for cocoa fermentries is now a popular wasted effort.

The Nunguaia Bongos Agro Forestry project has landed two groups in land dispute and destruction of property.

Roadworks in North Wosera have done more political damage to his leadership.

Independence celebrations at Wambisa and Nunguaia without the presence and funding from Ronald Asik sent clear and unambiguous message that Wosera Gawi has no leader of any worth.

And recently we hear of rural electrification (The National, October 01, p.4).

K 1 million he is allocating will not benefit any Wosera Gawi person.

Hearing of other districts' electrification programmes Ronald Asik jumped on the bandwagon without any development plan.

Who is Asik trying to provoke with his no-impact programme?


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