Sunday, October 17, 2010

Highlands Pacific targeted for role in Ramu mine

Australian listed company, Highlands Pacific, is being targeted in an on-line campaign – - over its role in the controversial Ramu nickel mine.

Highlands Pacific is part of the consortium that owns the Ramu mine and which is planning to dump millions of tons of mine waste into the sea.

“Such dumping would not be permitted in Australia where Highlands Pacific is based”, says Effrey Dademo, programme manager for Act Now!

Highlands Pacific is also being targeted for its failure to condemn the intimidation of local landowners and their supporters who have suffered threats and violence after speaking out against the marine dumping plans.

“Highlands Pacific claims that it is a socially-responsible company with high ethical standards but we are not seeing those standards being applied at the Ramu mine”, Ms Dademo adds.

The on-line campaign, in which members of the public can send emails to the board of Highlands Pacific, can be viewed at


For further information and comment contact Effrey Dademo on (765) 7689 5266 and at effrey@actnowpng.or


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