Friday, October 08, 2010

Aihi observes Teachers’ Day with teachers

Story and photo by HENZY YAKAM

Kairuku Hiri MP Paru Aihi observed the International Teachers Day today with teachers from Inauabui Primary in the Bereina district of Central province.
Together with the 19 teachers were their spouses who travelled to Port Moresby and a guided tour of the National Parliament House to observe the day.
Mr Aihi  (fourth from left , back row standing) with teachers from Inauabui Primary School  with their spouses after the group’s visit to Parliament House
The tour was organised by Mrs Theresa and led by Inauabui Primary School principal Mrs Victoria Efi.
The visit to Parliament House was concluded with a lunch with Mr Aihi who told teachers to be role models both in the classroom and community.
“I want to see our children from Kairuku Hiri become competitive with the rest of PNG for top jobs and be future professional.
“To achieve that, I depend on you teachers.
“You must become role models for every child in your school,” Mr Aihi told the teachers.
As well, he noted the challenges and difficulties teachers faced including lack of resources and basic teaching and learning materials.
“It takes an awful amount of sacrifice to be in the profession and I want to say thank you every teacher.
“As your representative in Parliament, I promise to do everything within my power to improve the education sector in our district,” he said.
Mr Aihi also took the opportunity to inform the group that in 2011 he would supply all grade five classes in Kairuku Hiri district with one computer as part of the education improvement programme.

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