Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fifteen break out of Hagen police lockup



FIFTEEN remandees broke out of an overcrowded Mt Hagen police cell on Monday afternoon during a heavy downpour, The National reports.

The National Court remandees from Baisu jail broke the brick wall, jumped over the security fence and dashed to freedom.

Metropolitan commander Chief Insp John Kale said yesterday that the 15 escapees were among 99 who had been locked up in the cell which was built to hold no more than 50 prisoners.

He said the remandees had been brought from the jail to the police cell to await their court appearances when they escaped under the cover of heavy rain between 3pm and 4pm.

Kale said that none had been recaptured after the alarm was raised.

He said that the breakout would not have happened if the cell blocks had been renovated and the holes in the brick work patched.

Kale said numerous requests had been made to headquarters for funds to renovate but to no avail.

Meanwhile, he appealed to the people to cooperate with police and correctional services officers to recapture the escapees.

He said that these escapees were dangerous and posed a big threat to the community.

Attempts made to get in touch with Baisu jail commander yesterday afternoon for further comments were unsuccessful.


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