Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tiensten: Align plans with MTDP



PROVINCIAL governments throughout the country have been reminded to state clearly their plans in line with the national government’s 2011-15 medium-term development plan, The National reports.

National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten said the medium-term development plan (MTDP) would drive PNG’s development plans and programmes.

It was approved by cabinet this week at a cost of about K65 billion for the next five years.

Tiensten sounded the reminder after receiving the Western Highlands provincial development plan from Governor Tom Olga in Port Moresby yesterday.

Western Highlands is the first in the country to produce a medium-term development plan that is aligned with the national government’s medium-term and 20-year strategic plans (see separate story).

The minister said the MTDP was clear and would direct all stakeholders to address PNG’s development problems.

He said the dreams of PNG prospering and becoming an educated, healthy and united nation had not been realised in the last 35 years.

“The living standards of our people have not improved.

“The MTDP sets clear targets for every sector to achieve,” Tiensten said.

He said while the 2010-30 strategic plan was a step for guidance, the MTDP was the yardstick for sectoral, provincial, district and LLG plans for the next five years with clear expenditure outlined.

“The implementation of the MTDP will require a total reform in the way we do business to avoid the nation slipping back to the last 34 years,” he added.

He said the plan also provided both direction and accountability for all sector activities.

Tiensten also urged all other provincial governments to follow in the footsteps of Western Highlands and develop medium plans that were aligned with the national government’s MTDP.



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