Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MP tells police to buy vehicles



THE Police Department has been called to put a stop to using hire cars and unmarked vehicles to do police work, The National reports.

Member for Moresby Northeast Andrew Mald said this after several incidents involving armed criminals pretending to be policemen in police issue uniforms and firearm committed crimes in the city.

Mald said in several instances, organised crimes were committed using state-issued items while using unmarked vehicles and this was becoming a major concern to the public.

He said the state could not continue to waste taxpayers’ money for the police to continue to hire vehicles when they could simply buy new police vehicles which were also a pride for the force.

“If the department does not know how to buy vehicles and have all the necessary features of the constabulary, then give me the money and I will buy it for them like what I did for my electorate when I bought seven new police registered vehicles,” he said.

Mald said many policemen were also being implicated in organised crimes in the pretext of doing police work in unmarked vehicles as they are not distinguishable.

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