Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Government unveils plan

MTDP to cost K65 million in five years


PAPUA New Guinea’s development plans and programmes for the next five years will be driven by the medium-term development plan (MTDP), The National reports.

Cabinet yesterday approved the MTDP, which is part of the government’s 20-year strategic development plan.

It was estimated that the total cost for the first five years of MTDP (2011-15) would be K65 billion, which was essentially the annual budgets for the country for the next five years, starting with K8 billion next year.

Legislation to lock in the plan will be brought to parliament next month.

The decision by cabinet yesterday raised questions about the future of the government’s Vision 2050.

It is believed that the Vision Centre, which promotes the Vision 2050, will be abolished, but this could not be confirmed.

National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten yesterday confirmed cabinet’s approval of the MTDP.

 “This plan is more detailed. Budgets, starting with 2011, will reflect this plan.

“We have been having budgets that are open-ended. Not any more.

“There will be targets to be achieved and contracts will be performance-based. This way,

we will achieve our goals,” he added.

Tiensten said his department would monitor and implement Vision 2050, MTDP and SDP starting next year.

“The National Planning Department’s role will be purely monitoring and implementing, and nothing else.”

The minister said the MTDP would make the government, development partners, donors, departments and provinces accountable. It would also eliminate misapplication of policies.

The minister said he expected development partners like AusAID to “fit into the plan”.

With cabinet approval already given, Tiensten is expected to meet with PNG’s development partners in Port Moresby tomorrow to outline the plan, and what is expected of them.

“I expect them to streamline their programmes and support the government’s plan.

“Their funding of programmes, such as HIV/AIDS, will have to be realigned with our national health plan and the MTDP.”

He said the targets of the millennium development goals could be achieved at the 2015 target date, when the first MTDP cycle was completed, if the government and its partners pool their resources under this plan and work together.



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