Friday, October 08, 2010

APEC ministers address sustainable fishing

 Issued by the 3rd APEC Oceans-related  Ministerial Meeting


Paracas, Peru, 8 October, 2010 – Securing fish supplies, sustainable management of marine resources, enhancing free trade and the effects of climate change on oceans will be addressed by APEC Ministers meeting here next week.

 The 3rd APEC Oceans-related Ministerial Meeting will be held in Paracas on Peru’s south coast on October 11-12 to address key issues impacting fisheries, a crucial industry for the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for about half of global fish exports.

 Peru’s Minister of Production, Jorge Villasante, said APEC’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the security and sustainability of the sector is important, especially given its size and socio-economic significance for the region.

 “APEC economies account for more than half of the world’s exports of fishery products in terms of value, while six of the 10 largest exporters of seafood products are APEC member economies,” the Minister said.

 APEC member economies account for 65 percent of the world’s capture fisheries and more than 80 percent of aquaculture production. APEC economies account for approximately half of the world’s exports of fishery products in terms of value, totalling USD45.6 billion in 2007.

 The fisheries and aquaculture sector employs about 26.2 million people in the region, and for some living in rural and remote areas, it is one of the few sources of available income.

 The region also consumes 70 percent of the world’s fish products, including from aquaculture. Ensuring reliable and affordable access to seafood is therefore a key issue for APEC Ministers, along with sustainable development of the industry and protection of the marine environment.

 Enhancing fair and equitable trade in the industry is also expected to be discussed along with the effects of climate change on oceans, such as rising sea levels and their impact on coastal communities.

 Ministers are expected to share information on food security issues in their economy, and to release a joint statement at the end of the two-day meeting on the way forward. Ministers will also hold a press conference for local and international media.


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