Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Anti-graft group reminds public servants of responsibilities

THE Community Coalition Against Corruption has called on public servants to continue to serve the people despite the recent political changes, The National reports.
Members of the CCAC told reporters that public servants should not get involved in the recent political games but to be focused on serving the people.
"CCAC is calling for public servants' loyalty to the people and the country, including the police and the military.
"Do not listen to politicians but respect your country and people," CCAC members said.
CCAC also called on the media to report responsibly during times like this.
CCAC board member and chairman of the independent media committee John ToGuata said the media should not sensationalise issues and create disharmony among citizens.
He said the media must inform the people accurately and responsibly.
Retired priest and member of the CCAC board John Flenn said negative reporting could stir up problems and anarchy for the country.
He said poor reporting by the media could inflate violence and lawlessness.
Meanwhile PNG Trade Union Congress president Michael Malabag also called on public servants to be committed and loyal to their country and continue to serve the people.

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