Friday, August 12, 2011

Somare advises 'regime' to await court ruling

THERE could be serious consequences about the le­gality of actions taken by the "interim regime" if the current Supreme Court re­ference succeeds, Angoram MP Arthur Somare said, The National reports.
The Supreme Court decision was expected to take effect from Aug 2 and it was a possible that all decisions taken between then and the date of the Supreme Court judgment might be declared illegal and, therefore, not bin­ding, he said in a statement.
Somare said the "inte­rim regime" must act with due care and in recognition of the serious constitutional challenge now before the Supreme Court regarding the way forward for PNG.
He said politicians and public servants should refrain from making major decisions until the refe­rence was decided by the Supreme Court.
But this should not prevent public servants from carrying out their normal day to day business, So­mare added.
"It is good that parliament has been adjourned
to avoid the risk that the constitutionality of any le­gislation could have been questioned."
He called on public ser­vice heads to record every issue and transaction that was "not normal government business".
"We will conduct an audit on what transpired in the event the Supreme Court determines that Sir Michael Somare remains the lawful holder of this high office.
"We will take note especially of instructions and directions given by current Ministers. I call on every public servant to take note and to keep careful records."

Somare said he was convinced the events that took place in Parliament on Aug 2 raised serious doubts about its constitutionality.
"I believe the East Sepik provincial executive is correct in filing a Supreme Court reference alleging that no grounds exist regarding a vacancy under s142 of the Constitution," he sai

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