Monday, May 07, 2012

Good time to buy shares

The investment climate in PNG has never been better, especially for companies listed on the Port Moresby Stock Exchange (PomSox), according to Kina Securities Ltd chief executive officer Syd Yates, The National reports.
He said after a public shares and investment seminar conducted by licensed stockbroker KSL, at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby last Friday, that more Papua New Guineans should get into investing.
The 21 listed companies currently listed on the PomSox are: Airlines PNG, Bank South Pacific Ltd, Bank South Pacific Notes, City Pharmacy Ltd, Coppermoly, Credit Corporation , Cue Energy Resources , Highlands Pacific, InterOil, Kina Asset Management, Kina Petroleum, Mahogany Capital (currently suspended), Marengo Mining , Metal Storm, Mineral Corporation (currently suspended), New Britain Palm Oil, New Guinea Energy, New Guinea Islands Produce Company, Newcrest Mining , Oil Search, and Steamships Trading Companies.
“Each day we see in the media and on financial websites the opportunities that are emerging not only for our mining and energy industries, but the fishing and agricultural industries which are attracting keen international interest and the building of new port facilities, roads and pipelines to make PNG industry grow,” Yates said.
“The communications industry is another attractive area for investment as we seek to bring PNG ‘online’ across its historic remoteness.
“If you are interested in the future of PNG then you should give serious consideration to playing a part in this, by looking at how you can, via share purchasing, be a real part of this growth.
“There is a lot to learn about sound investment and there are many opportunities to get advice through stock analysis and the prospects on PNG mining and economic growth.
“We are already seeing PNG’s retail economy through City Pharmacy’s continued growth, demonstrating just what investors can achieve in terms or dividend returns and capital growth.
“It is not all mining and resources orientated.
“We at Kina have a clear understanding of the opportunities which are attractive to international investors and it is important that the investors within PNG appreciate and understand the real opportunities which exist in share investment.”

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  1. Agree with the post, its a great time to buy shares right now.

    There are a lot of investment opportunities out there and at the same time a lot of opportunities to save money through coupons for example.

    PNG looks like a great place to invest in as per your article. Sound advise but its best practice always to check with our financial advisors before making the investment.