Monday, May 07, 2012

Opportunities for national to invest

Investment in shares of companies operating in PNG provides a real time opportunity for nationals to share in the mining and resources growth, which is now attracting international investment interest, The National reports.
This was the thrust of a public shares and investment seminar conducted by licensed stockbroker, Kina Securities Ltd, at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby last Friday which attracted more than 200 people.
Part of the 200-plus crowd that packed the Holiday Inn last Friday to learn about shares and investment.-Picture courtesy of KSL

Syd Yates, chief executive officer of KSL, said PNG investment opportunities were attracting major investment from international companies to further develop the resources and agricultural industries of PNG.
“PNG is now a recognised global player with an important role in the global recovery programme following the disastrous financial crisis of 2008, “Yates said
“The positive outcome from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was the emergence of new developing nations such as China, India and Malaysia – who seized the opportunity to enter the international markets to obtain resources to fuel their own internal economic growth and development.
“As a result, the resources of PNG and other South Pacific targets were identified with the potential to supply a full range of resources for these emerging economies and as a result, major projects have been commenced.”
These major projects require funding and the opportunity to join with companies involved by investing in their shareholdings, which is a very practical option for PNG nationals to share in the growth of the nation’s prosperity opportunities.
“Many PNG nationals will gain employment from these projects which include the giant PNG LNG project and a number of spin off energy development opportunities which are emerging following further exploration,” Yates said.
“To explore and develop these projects requires the creation of new infrastructure - all opportunities for existing and new companies to be part of the development programme to create transport and engineering infrastructure to support these ventures.
“For the investor, there are opportunities to share in this unprecedented growth by buying shares in the various companies involved.
“If they are internationally listed companies these shares can be acquired through investment funds such as our own Kina Assets Management Ltd (KAML), which invests widely in local, Australian and international share and investment funds.
“If you want to be a part of the growth and transformation of PNG, then share investment gives you the opportunity not only for dividends from the investment, but capital gains as the global market continues to return to its pre global crisis levels.
“The share market is a clear guide to the growth of any economy and at the present time, shares in PNG listed companies are trending upwards.”

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