Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jacksons airport looks cleaner and greener

Well-tended lawn at Jacksons International Airport
Green shrubbery at Jacksons International Airport
Evergreen trees give that tropical look to Jacksons International Airport
Pretty as a picture…the driveway out of Jacksons International Airport
Jacksons International Airport, often criticised in the past for being an eyesore for international visitors, has taken a turn for the better as of late.
Parks and gardens at this gateway to Papua New Guinea are now well-manicured and are something that the country can be proud of.
It is a joy to lie down on the well-mown grass, among the trees, and watch planes take off and land.
Betelnut chewing and spitting, as well as don’t-care littering, however, seem to be still prevalent in the mindset of Papua New Guineans, as seen by the red spittle and trash around both the domestic and international terminals.
Unless these are done away with, PNG will continue to suffer a negative image, given that Jacksons is the first and last impression of the country for international visitors.

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