Friday, June 12, 2009

Law and Justice Sector exhibition launched at University of Goroka

On the 9th June 2009, an awareness exhibition from the Law and Justice Sector Secretariat was officially launched at the University of Goroka.

The ceremony, held on campus at the Mark Solon Auditorium, was attended by students, UOG staff, local stakeholders of the Law and Justice Sector, its NGO partners and local dignitaries from the provincial administration. 

The university showed its support for the Law and Justice Sector by agreeing to co-host the exhibition on campus.

Acting Vice Chancellor of UOG, Associate Professor Michael Mel stated that the University has always supported the Law and Justice Sector and “recognises it as significant within the community”.

 In his official speech for the event, he pointed out that “justice remains within us..and it is our own responsibility to protect our rights and to recognise our responsibilities in the community”. 

Associate Professor Mel also stated that UOG was happy and proud to have the exhibition on campus and available to the community.

Associate Professor Mel officially opened the exhibition with Law and Justice Sector on the day with the Easter Highlands Province Deputy Administrator Mr John Gimeseve. 

Aimed at students and the general public, the exhibition will help to inform the community of their rights when it comes to the law. 

It will also highlight the assistance available for the solving of law and order disputes, and inform the public of the various departments involved in law and justice issues.

The exhibition entitled Respect for Law, Respect for Property and Respect for One Another is currently being held in the ground floor of the Steven Eka Library at UOG until the 19th June 2009. 

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