Monday, July 26, 2010

Polye to contest Prime Minister's post

ACTING Prime Minister Don Polye has made known his intentions to contest the prime minister’s post, The National reports.

Polye said he would make public his candidacy at the National Alliance party convention in the Jiwaka region next month.

He told reporters that there must be a strike of balance between all the other regions of the country, with Paias Wingti being the only prime minister from the region.

“Now is the time to give a chance to the highlands region,” Polye said.

He was speaking after announcing the ministerial portfolios of the new ministers last Thursday.

“With the new ministries, I do not think the Somare-Polye government will fall.

“The opposition cannot go and oust a government when you do not have a notice in parliament,” Polye said.

He said the opposition was trying to mislead the public and create instability within government.

The new cabinet ministers and their portfolios are Lucas Dekena (Lands), Francis Potape (Climate Change), Moses Maladina (Trade), Benjamin Poponawa ( Civil Aviation and Immigration), John Pundari (Mining), Timothy Bonga (Forest), Guma Wau (Culture and Tourism) and Fidelis Semoso (Bougainville Affairs).

The climate change, trade and immigration are new ministries.

“I ask the people of PNG, the public and private sectors to accord the new ministers their full support and cooperation.”

Polye said the new team would be the backbone of the new-look Somare-Polye government, stressing that the team would not be moved in any political horse trading.

He said the aim of the new group was to go into cabinet to discuss and review some of the controversial and much debated issues such as the amendments to the Ombudsman Commission Act.

He said other bills brought before parliament would also be reviewed by the new leaders.

“Nation building is not only to do with individuals with picks and shovels, plants and equipment or saws and hammers,’’ Polye said. “It is more so with the building of the culture in the mind and heart of hard work, strive, thrifty, industrious, honesty and justice in Papua New Guineans, children, women and men.

“A society of high standard in values and principles is what we must build,” Polye said.

Trade Minister Moses Maladina said the Ombudsman Commission Bill was introduced as a private member’s bill and he would also bring that up in cabinet for further discussion.



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