Sunday, July 25, 2010

Julia Gillard as Prime Minister -the view from Oz

Gillard: A persona, not a politician




That’s the problem. Where to, now, Oz? With a driver who has really only taken the car out on sunny Sundays so far?? First days in commuter traffic have resulted in dents and embarrassment. Good neighbour SBY doesnt appreciate the big "detention centre" scrape on his friendly parked vehicle, but he's keeping quiet, hoping his Aussie counterparts grow up and learn manners and respect sometime soon. Remember the Lombok Agreement, Julia?

 And you have further impoverished Australia's standing in the Pacific by taking such a clumsy, insular, pedantic stance over Frank Bainimarama's regime and its ongoing management of Fiji. Confrontation will produce nothing positive in Melanesia and Pacific society. This culture is - and this is a weakness as well as a positive element- one where Winston Churchill's famous admonition to “Jaw, jaw, not war, war," is the basic rule of the game. A game which will be played out regardless of big-daddy intervention from the two regional metropolitan nations.No skill, no savvy,no street-smarts at all, in the official Australian relationships with Fiji and with PNG.

 Gillard looked good on TV despite the gratingly “Melbourne painter-and-docker" variant of our normal Australian accent. In practice she is making the same sort of errors as Kevin did, firing from the hip without consultation. Is this the product of supreme self-satisfaction as it was in Kev, or simple naivety? Gillard herself was intimately concerned in the design of some of the most damaging projects of Rudd's time at the wheel.Only implemented a few short months ago, like the home-insulation scheme resulting in the deaths of installers, and the scandal-ridden schools building program- these matters are still reverberating loudly

 So it’s hard to be at all enthusiastic about Labour this time round, let alone supportive when it is born in mind that Labour is cosying-up bigtime with the Greens for preferences, ushering in the spectre of Green control of the Senate. May providence not allow this!!

 Any ideology of the faith-driven, "handed-down as immutable truth" kind  is a proven curse to humanity - and we in Australia need the Greens and their patronising " just do it like we say, theres a good boy/girl"  attitude just like we need the crazier versions of guitar-driven evangelical Christianity or militant Islamists  as political leaders and opinion -makers.

 Neither of the major Australian parties has any good, solid, experienced front-row forwards, nor any dazzling wingers. Very ordinary, unexceptional and almost entirely unproven in real-world matters.Once upon a time the two main parties were driven by beliefs derived from life-experience. labour was powered by experienced union officials, socialist lawyers and activists in left-wing causes. Liberal/National conservatives were led and pushed by everyday business people from small to very big, capitalist/business-minded lawyers and an occasional academic who had the guts to stand up and speak out in an environment domibnated by socialist thinkers.

 Today, all any of them care about is getting their shiny bums on the seats inthe big house in Canberra.Power and the chance to rule is what turns them all, almost without exception, on.

 So the only way for us voters, one step forward at the risk of half a a step back, is to vote for the Mad Monk's Mob.Regardless of our feelings about hairy little men who run around in tiny underpants and nothing else. 

 So as to avoid an unproductive period of subjection to social-engineering originating in a Green-influenced Senate. Let’s hope this era is not a long one. Talk about Hobson's choice!

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  1. have you considered this:

    But it begs asking just how the country can return to a surplus by 2012/13, as guaranteed by Mr. Swan, when Prime Minister Gillard is going around the country throwing money around, left right and centre, to get the voters on her side. Perhaps she is no good with figures? Perhaps she is no good with promises? Perhaps it’s all just political spin? Whatever her motivation (let me not be accused of making judgements), one only has to look at some of the figures being promised, and then ask the question – just who is going to pay for all of this when we already have a deficit of $57.1 billion dollars.