Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OLIPPAC ruling is exemplary and most welcomed edict



The Supreme Court ruling on the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC) is very exemplary and most welcomed.

In a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court, leaders have been reminded of their duties as leaders.

Leaders must and should always uphold the Constitution of Papua New Guinea.

As the leaders walk into the Chamber of Parliament they are free to exercise conscience.

They are to act in the best interest of the people.

Putting up legal obstacles to leaders will not be tolerated by the Supreme Court any more.

Even no quasi-criminal investigating authority can investigate leaders and hold leaders at ransom.

Leaders must take time to study the judgment of our own judges.

Till leaders do so they risk being misled by lawyers and emotional leaders.

At the gist of the ruling is leaders' liberty to freely represent people of PNG.

 Any law to restrict liberty of leaders will not be tolerated.

National Alliance Party is fortunate to have formed the government on the basis of OLIPPAC in 2002.

Somare-Polye Government survived full five years.

Very law that gave tenure to the Somare-Polye Government has been nullified.

Villain in the piece is a Trojan horse.

It is the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).

 It was created by World Bank and implemented on the insistence of the European Union.

In 2007 the Somare-Temu Government was also formed on the basis of OLIPPAC.

Weapon now remaining to remove the National Alliance Government is its own baby in MRA.

It has created and will create more problems in the mining areas of our country.

Somare-Temu Government was warned since its formation but the fear of miners has made the National Alliance Party very weak.

Very soon the people will arrest MRA with citizens' power of arrest.

When this happens the MRA will turn on the government.

There is no way out for MRA.

 It will kill National Alliance Party to stay in PNG.

The Supreme Court is a friend of the National Alliance Party at this time.

It is ready to uphold the Constitution of PNG.

So why not go there and ask the Supreme Court to nullify the law that creates a Trojan horse in National Alliance Party, Somare-Temu Government, and PNG?

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