Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prime Minister urges opposition to tell the truth

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has urged the opposition to exercise responsibility and honest leadership instead of feeding lies to the public and stirring emotions, The National reports.

“The statement by the opposition is unbefitting of people who want to lead the people of Papua New Guinea into the future.

“These comments are highly emotional, defamatory and discriminating.

“They reflect the opposition’s insatiable appetite for power at all costs.

“They have continuously created lies about my family,” Sir Michael said in a statement in response to Sir Mekere Morauta’s allegations that the prime minister was building a family dynasty and power entrenched in the Somare household.

“I know no occasion in my 42 years of politics when I have tried to score political points by rubbishing the family of another politician.

“The opposition has gone too far. They have not offered Papua New Guineans any alternative policies or conclusively proven any of their allegations against my government,” he added.

“The courts are dealing with some of the matters raised by the opposition and they should not be pre-empting any of the rulings but respect the process and allow it to complete its course.

“The opposition also cannot say that they represent the people of Papua New Guinea. The people spoke through the polls and gave National Alliance the numbers to form a coalition government.

“Papua New Guineans did not even give 10 people to Sir Mekere at the polls. He cannot say that he represents much,” Sir Michael said.

“The opposition’s continued abuse of the process of democracy will only lead our country into upheaval and possible unrest.”

Sir Mekere had also urged MPs to listen to the people and destroy the house of Somare.

“Sir Michael Somare is trying to build a dynasty. In doing so, he has been involved in scandal after scandal over the last eight years,” Sir Mekere said.

“Power is concentrated in the hands of a small group of people, a group I have previously called the kitchen cabinet.

“Issues of national interest are discussed inside one family kitchen rather than among parties, and power is even more concentrated in one household called Somare.

“This is a recipe for disaster. It is a recipe that is eroding the roots of liberal democracy and promoting dictatorship,” Sir Mekere said.



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