Monday, July 19, 2010

Mole in the camp without notice



Politics of Puka Temu is becoming very obvious. Politicise removal of young leaders and take a shot at National Alliance Perty leadership as a stepping stone to leadership of PNG government.

Media has done well to expose Puka Temu as a mole in the camp without notice to NA Party members. Exposing truth about Puka Temu the NA Party can now turn on him.

What are Temu's reasons for change of NA Party leadership? What contributions has Temu made to the stability of political parties?

Leaders owe duty to the people. People have a right to know why change is needed in a political party and to its leadership.

Looking at Australian political coup Julian Gillard was driven to act by fear of negative campaign by the miners on mining super profits tax. She has done a deal with the miners that will probably see Australian people throw out Labour government at forthcoming elections.

Damage is deep. Kevin Rudd has now made statement to the effect that Labour Party will lose.

Please Temu tell us why you want to change Somare as leader of NA Party and then to have a shot at Prime Minister's position?


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