Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marus speaks out on claims

DEPUTY speaker of Parliament Francis Marus has, for the first time, come out publicly to rubbish allegations by suspected bank robber William Nanua Kapris, The National reports.

He described Kapris as someone trying to blackmail him.

“The reason for being silent at that time, of the court hearing, was because I respect the rule of law, and that I trust that truth will prevail in the end,” Marus said.

He said Kapris had the right to defend himself for the MRO robbery in 2007.

“After all was said and done, it seemed that someone was trying to blackmail me and the two other ministers named by Kapris.

“During the time the robbery took place in 2007, I was not a Member of Parliament, and I am innocent of all the allegations by Kapris,’’ Marus said.

He made the statement to the media in the presence of Pangu Pati leader and Nuku MP Andrew Kumbakor at Parliament yesterday.

Marus said there had been a lot of criticism by the public and also by his fellow Members of Parliament.

“But, I am a leader mandated by my people and, like all other MPs, we should respect the rule of law and let police investigations find the truth,’’ he said.

“I have no reason to hide anything and, if the public chose to believe the allegations made, let it be. But I can only, honestly say I played no part, and only God is my witness.

“I believe a National Court judge had called on police to investigate the three leaders named.

“As a national leader, I am open to investigations by police to establish if these allegations had substance and I will co-operate as much as possible to prove my innocence.”

Marus said like any other human being, such serious allegations had hurt him, his family and friends and had tarnished the name of his Talasea electorate in West New Britain.

“I call on the police commissioner to make the findings of the investigations public, so the matter is put to rest,” Marus said.

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  1. Anonymous4:04 AM

    One 'dumb' question (I suppose);

    Do our courts (national and supreme) and law enforcing institutions (CIS, police) have 'lie detection equipment' installed on their premises?

    It'd be interesting to see the 3 MPs - alledgedly named by William Kapris - perform during Lie Detection Tests and the results.

    A.T. Wama
    13 July 2010
    Geneva, Suisse