Thursday, July 15, 2010

UNRE K2.6million water project

Eight villages in Talasea, West New Britain province will benefit from three much-needed water supply systems that will be constructed by the University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE).

Valued at K2.6million, the Boko/Kintakiu, Waile/Bududawa and Nalebubu stand-alone water projects will serve villagers of Boku, Matenebubulu, Tanda, Mandebalele, Kintakiu, Wangalove, Nalebubu and Waile.

The projects will be funded by Lolokoru Landowner Company (LLC) and other stakeholders.

LLC is leasing more than 2,000 hectares of land to New Britain Oil Palm Limited on a lease-lease-back arrangement.

The university’s farmer training arm, Kairak Vudal Resources Training Centre (KVRTC) is in the forefront of implementing these projects.

KVRTC manager, Hosea Turbarat, said LLC initially requested the University to investigate the viability of establishing a water supply system to serve communities within the vicinity of the Lolokuru estate in 2009.

A preliminary feasibility study was conducted in November 2009 and this was followed by a full-scale study in December 2009.  

Turbarat said the presentation of the final study report and proposals that he and KVRTC component advisor (engineering) Francis Bonava made to LLC board of director representatives and management two weeks ago in Kimbe was received with overwhelming support.

According to the former East New Britain (ENB) administrator, the three water project proposals are a result of the university’s integrated agriculture training programme (IATP), which is coordinated by KVRTC.

“This is one of the outcomes of IATP training in WNB. It was realised that there is a need to make water accessible to village communities in and around various oil palm estates,” he said.

UNRE is no stranger to planning and constructing community water supply systems.

In New Ireland is the Boliu water project on Mussau Island which is now in use, with feasibility studies being carried out on Djaul Island and on the mainland.

In ENB, final documentation after detailed studies have been presented to clients on the following water projects: Topapai and Towabili water project in Bitapaka and Kokopo/Vunamani LLGs in Kokopo District; Malmaluan and Tanaka water projects in Central Gazelle LLG of Gazelle District and Warongoi water project in Sinivit LLG of Pomio District.


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