Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sir Mekere believes amount given to Travel Air far more than K10 million

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today that sources in IPBC and the Department of National Planning are whispering that far more than K10 million has been dished out to Eremas Wartoto by the Government.

 “The whole nation was told by the Treasurer in his budget speech that Air Niugini had been allocated K30 million for re-fleeting,” he said.

“Has this money been given to Air Niugini?”

“The sources in IPBC and Planning have whispered that the money has been given to somebody else. 

“Was the money for Air Niugini given to Mr Wartoto? 

“Can Tiensten and Somare trumpet an answer so we know?”

Sir Mekere said that if this was the case, it was illogical and plain wrong. 

“Air Niugini struggles every day with domestic services because it does not have enough aircraft,” he said.

“What is the delay in giving Air Niugini the money it was allocated in the budget? 

“Giving it would have been a major strike in Sam Abal’s toktok of ‘Year of Implementation’.

“I ask again: What is the rationale in giving a private airline money when the government-owned airline is struggling, and waiting to receive the K40 million appropriated by Parliament?

“Tiensten is still to explain where in the budget the money for Mr Wartoto was contained. 

“As far as I know, Parliament never appropriated one toea for Travel Air.”

Sir Mekere said other sources were saying that hundreds of millions were involved in the setting up of this private airline. 

“Where are the funds coming from? 

“Who are the beneficial owners of the airline?

“Is it just Eremas Wartoto or are some of his National Alliance Kitchen Cabinet friends also involved? 

“Are some of the millions coming from the Government for the purchase of aircraft being vomited back as commission to his friends?

“Acting Prime Minister, what are you waiting for?

“Set up a Commission of Inquiry so that all this dirt can be dug up and use the hole to bury the criminals involved.”

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