Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Census officers threaten to burn forms

CENSUS officials in Lae have threatened to burn completed forms and pads in their possession if they are not paid their allowances, The National reports.

They are calling on  Morobe provincial administrator Kemas Tomala to sort out the matter urgently.

Interviewers at Lae’s ward six area covering the suburbs of East and West Taraka were outraged after they were not paid last Thursday.

They said they had completed their seven-day survey last Thursday and were expecting to be paid.

They met at the ward six council office yesterday and claimed there was poor management of the census operation in the city.

They were supposed to be paid the standard allowance promised to them during their training last month.

They underwent a five-day training for the surveying exercise in which they were promised to be paid K125.

But at the conclusion of the survey, the interviewers got only K95 while their supervisors got K110.

Ahi local level government interviewers have also been waiting for the last two weeks to be paid.

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