Friday, July 22, 2011

NA still split

But highlands, southern and Momase blocs prefer Abal


THE governing National Alliance is still split on who should succeed ailing Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare as party leader, The National reports.

It is now the party’s parliamentary wing pitched against the NA national executive as the leadership tussle entered its second day with no compromise in sight.

However, yesterday, NA’s parliamentary wing renewed undivided support for Wabag MP Sam Abal who has been acting prime minister since March.

The NA highlands MPs closed ranks around Abal to recognise him as their new leader while support also came from the other two regions, Momase and southern.

Attorney-General and Justice Minister Sir Arnold Amet, representing Momase NA, congratulated his Highlands colleagues for electing Abal while southern’s representative, Minister assisting the Prime Minister Charles Abel, said it was happy that NA highlands had consolidated.


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