Friday, July 22, 2011

Murder suspect's transfer baffles warders



PRISON authorities want police to explain how a murder suspect in their custody was not in his cell at the Boroko police station on Wednesday night, The National reports.

Bomana prison commander Michael Mondia said Theo Yasause, who is facing charges in relation to the death of a former PNG Kumuls player early this year, was brought from the prison, where the court had ordered he be kept in custody, by police officers on Wednesday.

Yasause is the former boss of the office of climate change.

Mondia said Yasause was taken out of Bomana prison by Boroko-based police officers on Wednesday for further investigation into his murder charge.

He said the officers were from the criminal investigation division in Boroko.

Mondia, however, sent some of his officers later to check on Yasause at the police station and discovered that he was not in his cell.

He said his men saw Yasause’s car pull out of the station as they were driving into the Boroko police station.

He said his officers could not find him in the cell but later saw Yasause “fast asleep” in one of the offices at the Boroko station.

He said his officers believed that Yasause had returned from somewhere with the police officers.

Several attempts last night to get comments from police in Boroko were unsuccessful.

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