Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grade 8 duo sentenced to 22 years

TWO Gader 8 male students have been sentenced to 14 years and eight years in jail respectively for their part in the murder of another teenager in Ramu last year, The National reports.
The court heard that on Jan 6, 2010, at the Ramu Sugar compound, Melchior Poto, 18, who was a close friend of the two, had been drinking with another friend.
FSD, the first juvenile as referred to by judge David Cannings, met the two, and claimed Poto said some insulting words to him.
Feeling offended, FSD left and reported it to his pal. The pair then conspired to attack Poto.
They staged a surprise attack on Poto and his friend.
The court heard that a kitchen knife was used to stab Poto in the ribs.
The 15cm deep wound had reportedly led to Poto’s death.
Cannings took into account that:

  • lK12,800 had been paid to Poto’s family as compensation;
  • Both their fathers had lost their jobs in Ramu after the incident;
  •  Both were going to continue to Grade 8 when the incident happened and;
  • No more money had been demanded as compensation after the bel kol mo­ney.
He said justice had to be served on the pair.

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