Friday, November 25, 2011

Police search for man with K6.8 million

POLICE are looking for a man who has picked up K6.8 million from the state on behalf of Kundiawa Water Supply landowners but failed to pay the landowners and service providers, The National reports.
Police alleged that John Singi Kua had collected the money and paid some landowners while others including
his service providers were either underpaid or not paid.
In a letter to the Bank South Pacific on Nov 11, the police fraud squad and anti-corruption unit said: “This office is in receipt of a complaint that the suspect namely John Kua, principal of Urr Spring Land, Kundiawa Water Supply, had failed to pay for service fees to three complainants. After pursuing the matter by this office we are of the opinion that it may be criminal in nature and the suspect is to be held responsible for the offence of false pretence.”
“The complainant (Jameson Bere) was paid K8,000 and was yet to receive K222,000. Anna Galang was also paid K55,000 and Kua is yet to pay her K45,000 more as per the signed statutory declaration. Aloysius Mange was paid K5,000 and was yet to receive K25,000.”
Bere, who was the chief consultant to Kua during his endeavor to bring the state to court told police that Kua has breached an agreement they had when they set out to claim the compensation.
Bere, after realising that he was conned by Kua, took a court order last Friday to have the defendant pay him his dues.
The court then ordered that: “first defendant (Kua) is restrained from dealing with the monies standing to his credits in the bank account 1001714107 at Boroko Branch at Bank South Pacific Ltd up to the sum of K230,000 until the date of return, Nov 25, 2011.”
The media reported Kua jetting off to Kundiawa last Friday to arrange for a committee to pay the landowners from Simbaiko, Okondie and Yongumulg who own the stream that supplies water to Kundiawa town

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