Tuesday, November 22, 2011

‘Invest in clean water’

PAPUA New Guinea needs to invest in options that will prevent people from getting sick, Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Jamie Maxtone-Graham says, The National reports.
He made the statement at the International Water Association development congress and exhibition in Malaysia in recognition of the importance of preventing sicknesses through the use of clean water.
Maxtone-Graham is accompanied by a team of technical experts and is eager to learn about international best practice examples of sustainable water and sanitation policies and management.
They will use the opportunity to form a policy document on water and sanitation management.
Maxtone-Graham said conventional medicines and the use of pharmaceutical medicines could alleviate only 40% of the world’s health problems and “if PNG invests in sanitation, clean water, education and proper hygiene, 35% of the population can be protected”.
“It is about economics and making smart choices,” he said.
“I want to be innovative and learn about the options available in order to make an educated choice.”
He said prevention was more profitable than treatment and water and good sanitation were the basis of preventive medicine.
“We are fortunate our water supplies have not reached the polluted levels of industrialised countries so we need to look at policies and legislation to protect these precious resources,” he said.
The conference brings water professionals from developing countries to address water and sanitation issues with a specific focus on solutions.
It is aimed at linking people from different regions and organisations with different approaches to water and sanitary service delivery in low and middle income countries.

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