Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Women disappointed at all the politics

The public gallery of parliament was awash in the national colours yesterday as women in their black, red and yellow meri blouses virtually took over the entire gallery, anticipating parliament to introduce the bill on the 22 reserved seats.
To their bitter disappointment, parliament did nothing of the kind and, instead, was reduced to a shouting mad house when Speaker Jeffery Nape decided to unilaterally sack Pomio MP Paul Tiensten.
 The women, who had arrived at Parliament House in busloads, were disappointed with one declaring on the steps of parliament: “This is the very reason why women are needed in this house. Women will bring back self-respect, dignity and common sense.”
Disappointed too were the people of Hela and Jiwaka, who had anticipated the electoral boundaries commission report would be tabled yesterday.
Both bill and report are on the notice paper and are expected to be tabled in this session

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