Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Group out to feed the poor

DENNIS Perry is helping the poorest of the poor in Papua New Guinea – people who are living on rubbish, The National reports.

Perry...to help people who live on rubbish

The co-founder of Operation Food For Life has devoted the past 12 years to providing food and clothing to thousands of men, women and children living in appalling conditions on the outskirts of Port Moresby.
“If there is a hell on earth, I think I have found it,” Perry said.
“It is heartbreaking to witness people living in such horrific conditions 24 hours a day.”
The Cherrybrook resident said Operation Food For Life – an Australian registered charity – was made up entirely of volunteers who feed about 30,000 people a year.
“In the main we go where no other agencies go,” he said.
“(The response is) one of relief, one of joy, one of appreciation, because what they are surviving on is just leftovers from the garbage dump.”
The charity recently partnered with the World Health Organisation and Pacific Adventist University to begin an immunisation programme for those living on the dump who are at high risk of diseases such as malaria and cholera.
“We are there to make a difference,” Perry said.
“It’s all about giving the people hope by simple acts of compassion.” – Hornsby Advocate

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