Friday, November 25, 2011

Ombudsman Commission wants fiscal commission boss sacked

AN Ombudsman Commission investigation report into the conduct of Dr Nao Badu, chairman and chief executive officer of the National Economic and Fiscal Commission, has recommended that he be terminated, The National reports.
The report, tabled in parliament, said the investigation was based on allegations that Badu had abused his powers as chairman and section 32 officer by awarding contracts to his family company, Lonabee Ltd, and to Nifty Stationeries and Graphic Designs, a business owned by his then executive secretary Josephine Lala.
It was also found that he acted wrongly in applying payments for repairs and maintenance of company motor vehicles totalling K64,034.38 to his family-owned company.
The report also revealed that Badu also wrongly approved payment of K40,624.69 to Nifty Stationeries and Graphic Designs for stationeries which were never supplied.
The Ombudsman Commission found that there was a conflict of interest during the procurement process, abuse of power, failing to declare his interest and wrongly engaging himself in breach of section 16(1) of the NEFC Act.
The ombudsman recommended to the minister for treasury and finance to terminate Badu and that he should not be considered for any future public service appointments.
It was also recommended that the CEO and chairman of NEFC fully implement the organisational structure approved by the Department of Personnel Management in 2007 by filling the vacant positions of the director and deputy director (operations).
It also recommended that the chairman and CEO of NEFC appoint two additional section 32 officers consistent with section 32 of the Public Finance Management Act for proper control, monitoring and financial management of public funds.

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