Friday, November 18, 2011

IPBC to develop Port Moresby Private Hospital

Independent Public Business Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary Port Moresby Private Hospital Limited, has signed a long-term lease agreement with Pacific International Hospital Limited for the use and development of the Port Moresby Private Hospital.
The hospital was completed in 2000 at a cost of about US$12 million (about K25 million) with the expectation that it would operate at international standards. But it has never been commissioned and made operational.
Managing director of IPBC, Thomas Abe, who is also a director of PMPH, said: “Execution of this lease is an important step in the revitalisation of this site and the development of the hospital.
“IPBCs desire is to ensure that these assets are used for the purposes for which they were constructed.
“PMPH and IPBC are working with Pacific International Hospital to ensure that the refurbishment and commissioning of the hospital are undertaken to international standards, ensuring that Papua New Guineans will be able to access services and facilities that previously they would have travelled overseas for.”
When completed, the hospital will have at least 79 beds, four operating theatres, two birthing suites and seven intensive care beds.
The lease terms are those laid down by the previous IPBC management under the Somare Government.

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  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I will never trust anything operated by PIH (another business of RH) every single person I know that has gone to PIH emergency has died. PIH is absolutly useless, its just another revenue raising business. I once took one of my staff there on a sunday with a critical injury, they refused to treat him unless i provided an order number or paid up front, even though i assured them that i would provide a purchase order first thing monday morning when our office opened they point blank refused. I put him back in the car and raced him down to POM General, with only minutes to spare. Docs at Pom Gen advised me had I been a few minutes later he would have died. If I had left him at PIH whilst driving around looking for my boss to sign an order on a sunday he would have died for sure. PIH dont give a shit about health care, just the money. Giving the contracy to PIH was a bad bad move.

    about a minute ago