Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Investigate ‘misuse’ of K500 million, says Tiensten

THE Task Force Sweep team should investigate the K500 million allegedly misused by the government, says
former national planning and monitoring minister Paul Tiensten, The National reports.
The Pomio MP also urged his successor Sam Basil and Treasury and Finance Minister Don Polye to table a report in parliament detailing how K1.9 billion of the development budget had been spent.
He said former planning secretary Joseph Lelang and his lawyers had accused the former government of front-loading and misusing the K1.9 million of development funds.
“I categorically deny that the K1.9 billion was misused by the former government,” Tiensten said.
“They have accused the former government of misusing the K1.9 billion when they have not even come out with a report on who are the beneficiaries are.”
He said the real story had now come out that the government which had preached about good governance and fighting corruption had spent K500 million outside of the budget.
“The truth will be unravelled that the K1.9 billion of development funds parked in trust accounts have been used to support political projects to keep MPs in government,” Tiensten said.
He challenged Polye and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to tell the truth.
“They need to be accountable,” he said.
“I call on the Sweep investigation team to investigate this allegation to ascertain the facts. If the Sweep team is impartial and objective it should investigate the allegation and reveal the truth.”
Tiensten said the K500 million allegedly spent outside the budget “will create a huge hole in the budget”.
“It is a blow-out. It is over and above what is forecast. They will have to find money to fund the shortfall.”
He accused O’Neill and Polye of telling lies.
“They all should be investigated and arrested like some of us,” Tiensten said

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