Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Basil decries neglect of Opposition

National Planning and Monitoring Minister Hon Sam Basil today called on Wabag MP and former acting Prime Minister Sam Abal to take the reins of the Opposition immediately.

 "If Mr Abal does not assume the chair as Leader of Opposition, I am challenging the young MPs to take up the challenge and assume the positions instead of leaving a unhealthy vacuum in the highest democratic institution of the nation," Basil said,  reiterating his call from yesterday.

 Basil's call follows a chaotic disarray among ousted former Government Ministers and MPs today when Speaker Jeffery Nape ousted Pomio MP Paul Tiensten as a parliamentarian.

 The lack of coordinated approach by the ousted MPs who were in Government previously was evident as they looked for direction and leadership.

 "These MPs are neglecting their duty to ensure that we have a vibrant democracy in which the Government-of-the-day is daily held accountable for decisions that are made," Basil said.

 "The neglect in duty while Pomio MP Paul Tiensten was evading the strong arm of the law without any leadership guidance is the reason why he missed three Parliament sessions which resulted in his disqualification as a Member of Parliament."

 Basil said: "We, young MPs who were in the Opposition for four years, were served well by our veteran MPs in New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan, Moresby Northwest MP and (now) State Enterprises Minister Sir Mekere Morauta and Lae MP Bart Philemon who is now Public Service Minister.

 "They provided stability of leadership and groomed us to know our duty as Members of the nation's supreme law-making body of Papua New Guinea – the Parliament or Legislature.

 "It is now time for MPs in their third or second term of Parliament and are in the Opposition to wake up, snap out of their hangover of power and positions and perform their routine and necessary duties as legislators.

 "Abal is a seasoned MP. Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare saw fit to give him the acting Prime Ministership on a golden platter. Now it is up to him to show Papua New Guinea the credentials that Sir Michael saw.

 "As I said yesterday the world doesn't end with the old guard. We young, vibrant and visionary leaders must prove our worth and rise up whether in Opposition or in Government. We owe it to our voters back home to perform to the best of our ability."

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  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    From a brillian MP, Hon Basil,.... speaking in between for the democracy... we admire your leadership...there should be an effective opposition and those that have been outsted owe to PNG to form that function. Waiting for Dec 9 is crap, you MPs need to debate the budget...come out of that bond and show your true leadership as a national leader...