Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby’s corpse found among rubbish


A new-born baby was wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped at a rubbish dump in Goroka town, The National reports.
Residents of Rotary Park looking at the dead baby wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped among a pile of rubbish

The baby had its umbilical chord clipped with diapers wrappers from the hospital, suggesting to police that the mother must have deliberately killed the baby and dumped it among the garbage.
A senior medical officer at the Goroka hospital confirmed that the baby must have been left at the dump for over two days.
The hospital will assist police in identifying mo­thers who gave birth during the weekend up to Monday afternoon.
Mothers who lived around Rotary Park expressed shock that the mother must have dumped the baby at the rubbish dump in the night during heavy rain

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